Who & Why

Hi Moms! My name is Tori and I am a consultant and the founder of Babes to Babies. As a mother of three who moved to four different cities in the midst of my pregnancies, I know just how hard it can be to prepare yourself for bringing home this new little life, especially when you are without family to help guide you, or simply the time to do all the things. I also know just how confusing and scary the world of pregnancy, birth and motherhood can seem. 


As someone who spent many years in academia and research in order to acquire a Masters of Divinity in Theology, I was used to truths being a little blurry in the spiritual world, but not so much in tangible reality. Why then was so little understood, or at least spoken about, when it came to what a woman experienced before, during and after birth. As I started to open up to other moms I quickly realized that they too were completely shocked by the mesh underwear or the internal ultrasounds that every birthing woman will experience. So why weren’t we more prepared? Are we too ashamed to talk? Too nervous to listen? Maybe it’s a little bit of both, but I found that telling my own story, with a side of humor, really allowed other women to open back up to me and share their story in a new and liberating way. More and more women were relating to my project, wanting to tell their story and eager to find a helping hand in their preparations.  


I started this company because I saw a need and wanted to be a guide in a time of uncertainty for women. In addition to working with women as a maternity and postpartum consultant, I am also in the process of publishing a book that puts my experiences and stories on paper. It's a fun and very informative read on all things pregnancy through infancy.

I have met so many wonderful women just looking for a little help, a bit of expertise and a lot of understanding. We hope that Babes to Babies can be that for you and your family.