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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

If you’re here you’re a mom, or an expecting mom, and you have questions. I’m also a mom who has a whole lot of questions…With every year I get a glimpse at a new age and stage in my oldest child and wonder how I am to quickly develop these new skills to be that guiding light and supportive adult in his life. The challenges never disappear, they simply change. There are never one size fits all answers to child rearing or pregnancy. However, there are universal mom experiences that are rarely spoken about in the plethora of pregnancy and parenting books out there, believe it or not. You don’t know what you don’t know until it happens and you can’t believe you didn’t know it. Why didn't someone tell me! So here's the truth- there is no such thing as the happiest baby on the block, the perfect pregnancy or the mommy whisperer, because the life of a child, much like adults, comes in stages, and that easy pregnancy may just turn on you in trimester three when you can no longer sleep or breathe, and that happy and easy newborn is just as likely to throw you for an angry loop in month four when early teething and sleep regression have you both in a tizzy. The unforeseen challenges will continue coming and your ability to manage them in the midst of learning them does not make you a good or bad mom. Personally, my goal is to survive these early childbearing and rearing years, hopefully with a little dignity still intact and a safe and healthy kiddo not clinging to my leg on the first day of Kindergarten. Aside from that, I do hope my kids are happy and grateful. We're currently working on the grateful part in our house.

From pregnancy mysteries to breastfeeding hacks and sleep training tips, being a mom cannot be an individual under-taking, yet so few of us live in the communities that our own mothers did. We are far more transitory, live away from family and lifelong friends, and have to often juggle work with managing all the other difficult realities that may come along in life, ie. illness, financial hardships, moves, job changes, loss, traveling, etc. If you’re just starting this parenthood journey I presume you’ve felt overwhelmed and unprepared at times, particularly as you are navigating the mysterious pregnancy symptoms that range from physical, emotional to mental. These months can be a wonderful exprience, or they can be a decently terrifying and painful time. I suffered a great deal during all of my three pregnancies and felt extremely alone, completely unprepared for what I was experiencing and very curious as to why more women were not out there talking about ALL the things- like all the REAL things.

After giving birth and making it through that first year, I desperately wanted to help my friends who were just beginning their own journey into motherhood. I would send them product lists, not just for baby, but for their own wellness, particularly related to labor, delivery & postpartum. I became the one to call when someone needed to figure out how to find a great babysitter or nanny, or what to pack in their hospital bag, which usually turned into a more important conversation about what NOT to pack. It seemed to me like each time a woman got those two red lines, she immediately felt overwhelmed by either the lack of information or the sheer amount of over-information. And so in the midst of taking care of our health, our homes and our jobs, expecting moms are having to try and plan for their baby's future needs with products, nurseries and caregiving-completely from scratch. If this is something women do all the time, why hasn't it become any easier!

I started Babes to Babies to do just that. I hope to normalize women's experiences in pregnancy, birth and parenting through awareness and knowledge, while also trying to make life easier with product recommendations and tips. Bringing life into the world is not as easy as many make it look, but we can definitely prepare ourselves better to lessen the anxiety and outsource what we simply do not have time for. So whether you have had to go it alone, or have had people by your side, we are here to be your extended village in exactly the way you need. Bringing these services to life has been everything I new it would be and I cannot wait to continue making life a little easier for all the hero moms out there. This blog is simply a continuation of that mission as it will become the place to reference for those much needed product reviews, labor and delivery stories, newborn tips, and nursery inspiration. If you would like to contribute, please reach out. We would love to feature many voices in this space.

Have grace for yourself!


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